side-speakingSince retiring from his role as an active performer, Mike Quackenbush has taken on a greater role as an ambassador for his artform, accepting private and public speaking engagements. Since 2013, he’s spoken before corporate events, organizational functions, and performance ensembles. He made waves with his TED Talk-like oration at the Ignite Philly speakers’ conference in 2015, as the video of his speech went viral within the wrestling and performance communities.

Recently, he’s been called on not just for academic pursuits (speaking about social media’s impact on professional wrestling), but for motivational ones as well. For years, his pre-match pep talks were only to be heard behind closed doors at CHIKARA, but as the legend of his speeches grew, so too did the demand for them. Of late, he’s fired up rosters from the tiniest of troupes, right up to the touring roster of World Wrestling Entertainment’s NXT brand.

Ignite Philly 16: Mike Quackenbush - The Art of Pro Wrestling How indie icon Mike Quackenbush ended up at the WWE Performance Center

Mike is currently available and taking inquiries for speaking engagements.